Heart to Heart: Optimal Nutrition for Animals with Heart Disease

Child playing doctor with kitten
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Nutrition is an important part of the treatment for dogs and cats with heart disease.  In the past, when few cardiac medications were available, restriction of salt in the diet was one of the major treatments for animals with congestive heart failure and little consideration was given to other dietary factors.  Now, the role of other nutrients in heart disease is becoming more apparent and optimal feeding of the dog or cat with heart disease can play a major role in reducing symptoms and helping to slow progression of disease.

For more detailed information, please see the Cummings HeartSmart website. This site is designed for owners of pets with heart disease and includes information about the common heart diseases in dogs and cats, diagnostic tests, and treatments, including diet.

Find out more on the HeartSmart Website.


Posts authored by the Clinical Nutrition Service team are by Dr. Lisa M. Freeman, DVM, PhD, DACVN, Dr. Deborah E. Linder, DVM, MS, DACVN, and Dr. Cailin R. Heinze, VMD, MS, DACVN

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