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Carb Confusion Part 1: The Role of Carbohydrate in Pet Foods

...excluded or included in diets: “grain-free”, “potato-free”, “with ancient grains”, or “with wholesome grains”. Depending on the manufacturer and the diet, carbohydrate sources such as grains, potatoes, tapioca, and legumes...

What are safe and healthy treats for my pet?

...Calories on a human nutrition label), nutritionally unbalance the diet, and could be harmful if your pet has a medical condition. Rawhides, though popular, are about 100 kcal per palm-sized...

Your Kitten’s Diet is Linked to her Health as an Adult

...including diet in cats presenting for gastrointestinal signs in later life. Veterinary Record 2019; doi: 10.1136/vr.105040: You can learn more about the Bristol Cats Study on their website: