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Recent Posts from the Petfoodology Blog

Supermarket Surprises: Great Pet Food Options You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Not long ago, I was talking to a dog owner whose dog was healthy, well-muscled, and had a beautiful, shiny coat and I asked her what pet food she was feeding.  She seemed embarrassed to answer and finally admitted sheepishly that she was feeding an inexpensive diet purchased from the grocery store.  So, she was shocked when I said, “That’s great!  It’s an excellent choice for your dog!”  Most owners think that that the quality of pet food is directly related to its cost and may feel guilty that they are feeding their pet a lower cost food, but there are some excellent, nutritious diets available at the grocery store that may be a great choice for your pet. Especially during these challenging economic times, it’s important to be aware that there are some great economical pet food choices you can find at the grocery store (or large retail stores).  And you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so!  Just because a pet food costs more doesn’t mean it will provide better nutrition and quality. But not every food in the grocery store (or pet boutique!) is a good choice.  Wherever you buy your pet’s food, it’s critical that the food you select is one made by a manufacturer with strong nutritional expertise and rigorous quality control.  And even within a single manufacturer, there are many different products to consider.  Should you feed a puppy or kitten food? (yes, if your dog or cat is under 12 months old).  Large or small breed?  Senior?  Lower calorie?  The choices can be overwhelming so here are some tips for finding the best diet for your pet. Tips for finding good quality pet foods at the grocery store: Talk to your veterinarian: Your veterinarian can help you by recommending brands and specific formulas that…

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Tips for Training with Food Rewards

Food is a common and powerful reward used for training pets. However, excessive treats can lead to weight gain and unbalance the diet. We discuss alternatives to food rewards as well as how to use food rewards sensibly.

Helping an old dog or cat maintain his tricks: Nutritional management of Cognitive Dysfunction

Older pets can suffer from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, which is similar to dementia in people. While the disease is irreversible, some nutritional alterations have been shown to help affected pets

Your Kitten’s Diet is Linked to her Health as an Adult

What our pets eat has an important impact on their overall health, but it’s not just what they’re eating now.  What our pets ate as puppies and kittens – and even what their mother ate – may increase or decrease their risk of diseases later in life.

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