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Your Kitten’s Diet is Linked to her Health as an Adult

...including diet in cats presenting for gastrointestinal signs in later life. Veterinary Record 2019; doi: 10.1136/vr.105040: You can learn more about the Bristol Cats Study on their website:

What’s the Best Food for your New Puppy? least 1 year old (18 months for giant-breed dogs). This first 12-18 months is a critical period in your puppy’s life, so you’ll want to make sure you’re feeding...

Does My Pet Need a ‘Bland Diet’?

...mean fewer ingredients, reduced fat, or even both added- or no-fiber! Including your veterinarian is important Speak to your veterinarian about the specific issues that your pet is dealing with,...

How To Make Your Own Dried Chews

...dogs like onion, garlic, avocado, grapes, and raisins. Fruit will discolor as it dries, but adding lemon juice can help with this. For more details, you can go to:

Frequently Asked Questions about General Pet Nutrition

...fewer nutrients to the overall diet. Additionally, ingredients from the same source (such as chicken meat, chicken fat, chicken by-product meal) can be split into component parts, further complicating assessment....